Weekly Round Up: Anya Taylor-Joy, Idris Elba, David Fincher

Weekly Round Up: Anya Taylor-Joy, Idris Elba, David Fincher

Edgar Wright is making a horror movie!!! The news broke a couple of weeks ago and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Wright’s first foray into feature film territory was with the spectacular, and critically acclaimed, Shaun of the Dead. While the film is undeniably a comedy, it also features heavy horror elements, as does his follow-up, Hot Fuzz, which delves into folk horror territory and is genuinely unsettling in places.

So, we know he has the chops. His fake trailer for the Tarantino/Rodriguez feature Grindhouse also proved he has what it takes (and if you haven’t seen Don’t I strongly suggest you check it out. It’s on YouTube.

Anyway, since we first learned that the directors next film will be a straight horror, drawing inspiration from Nicholas Roeg’s excellently creepy Don’t Look Now, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more information on the project. Well, this week we got some. Firstly, the film is going to be called Last Night in Soho, and while we don’t actually know anything about what the story might be, we do know that it’s being scripted by Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who wrote for short lived television series Penny Dreadful.

But that’s not the only news on this project we got this week. We also learned that the film will star none other than Anya Taylor-Joy, who seems to be earning a reputation for herself as a modern “Scream Queen”. After bursting onto the scene with Robert Egger’s The VVitch in 2015, Taylor-Joy has since gone on to appear is several notable horror movies, including M Night Shyamalan’s Split, as well as its sequel, Glass, and 2017’s haunted house thriller The Secret of Marrowbone.

As a horror fan any announcement of new horror is always something that intrigues me, and as if the Edgar Wright stuff wasn’t enough, this week also saw an announcement that Idris Elba – that guy people keep saying should be Bondis in talks to take on the leading role in supernatural underwater thriller Deeper.

Deeper was originally in production with Bradley Cooper and Gal Gadot in the lead roles, but the film appears to now be moving ahead without them. It’s set to be directed by Baltasar Kormakur, who has done some interesting films in the past such as Everest and Adrift, while it will be based off of a screenplay by Max Landis who, rather worryingly, was behind the script for Netflix’s Will Smith movie, Bright… which sucked.

Still, an original underwater horror starring Idris Elba has my interest piqued, so we’ll see where this one goes.

In less fun news, this week we discovered that Paramount Pictures have officially pulled the plug on the Brad Pitt starring, David Fincher directed sequel to World War Z.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was never a particularly big fan of the first movie. Marc Forster’s 2013 zombie movie was a little bit of a mess. While it certainly had some interesting ideas (and the final act was genuinely tense) most of the movie fell a little flat and failed to really offer anything new to the genre.

However, I was cautiously optimistic about the potential sequel, mainly because of Fincher’s involvement. As one of the most interesting and unique directors working today, the prospect of a David Fincher helmed zombie movie was too tantalising to pass up. Sadly, Paramount seem to disagree, and after a series of stops and starts – some because of Fincher himself, who has lots of projects on the go – they’ve decided this is one franchise that isn’t worth the time or, perhaps more importantly, the money.

Speaking of projects put on hold, it appears that Fox are planning on halting production on their X-Men franchise until after the merger with Disney has officially finished. This is bad news for all you Deadpool fans, as it looks like we’ll be waiting a while before we see any future adventure from the merc with the mouth. However, it’s not all bad news, as Disney have confirmed that when Deadpool 3 finally does make an appearance, it will still be very much R-Rated.

The Fox/Disney merger is interesting (and worrying… I can’t be the only person who dislikes the idea of one corporation holding all those cards, can I?) mainly because of what it means for the future of the MCU. While Fox’s X-Men franchise has been mostly successful, there have been a few duds. But most people will be excited to see their favourite mutants appear alongside the Avengers in future MCU outings. Whether or not this comes to light is still up for debate, but it is certainly starting to look more and more likely.

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