Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: Review

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The entertainment world was recently united in grief following the passing of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, who died aged 95 at the start of November.

Stan’s death has undoubtedly thrown a sharp focus on a range of his work, with his influence of course being felt massively on Marvel’s impressive interconnected cinematic universe. The series of films has enjoyed a hugely successful year, with the jaw-dropping spectacle of Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther in particular achieving significant commercial and critical acclaim. Lee of course appeared in both films, continuing his tradition of cameos in each of the blockbusters based on Marvel properties.

However, there is of course much more to Stan Lee than just his work for Marvel and one of the more recent projects he has been involved in is the TV show which carries his name – Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

Making luck a superpower

Created by UK-based Carnival Films and Lee’s own company POW! Entertainment, the show follows the adventures of Detective Inspector Harry Clayton, played by Jekyll and Murphy’s Law star James Nesbitt. The police officer wakes up following an encounter with a mysterious woman wearing an ancient bracelet which grants him luck.

The idea for the show emerged when Lee was asked by a fan at an event which superpower he would personally like to have, with his reply being luck. The concept was then developed into a series for Sky One with the help of Neil Biswas, with the whole idea shining a spotlight on an area which has fascinated people for a number of years.

Science has attempted to determine whether the concept of being lucky – or luckier than most – really exists on numerous occasions, with one study in particular determining that a person’s luck can be improved through steps such as being positive and keeping an open mind. But what would happen if you were always lucky? As an article from Betway Casino outlines, experts have found that success breeds success and people who have won anything from a competition to a cash prize in the past become determined to replicate the positive effect that it has on the brain – with their brains helping them to get there.

Positives and negatives

So, with that study in mind, is Stan Lee’s Lucky Man all about a man who is living his best life and simply cannot stop winning at everything? As you may expect, things are a little more complicated than that.

IMAGE SOURCE: @spacechannel via Twitter

IMAGE SOURCE: @spacechannel via Twitter

A key issue that Harry Clayton faces with the bracelet is that any positive outcome has to be counterbalanced by something bad, which understandably creates a host of issues for him as he tries to maintain his working life and also care for his estranged family. As you might expect, such issues lead the show to tackle a host of themes related to luck and chance, as well as the classic superhero tropes of power – including the responsibility of holding it and how it can also be corrupting too.

All of this takes place against the stunning backdrop of London, with Harry working to solve a range of crimes while also tackling wider plots and the massive implications that come with owning an ancient bracelet with luck-giving powers. The show currently consists of 28 episodes across three seasons in total, with the latest being shown between July and September 2018.

The show is broadcast on Sky One in the UK and while there is still no confirmation on whether a fourth series will be created, it was confirmed in September that it would be heading to the US with the AMC Networks-owned platform Shudder set to broadcast it. Before he passed away, Lee gave his backing to the move, stating that he was “thrilled” that US audiences would get the chance to watch the show.

A must for Stan Lee fans

It seems like very few concepts in the world have not been turned into superpowers at one point or another, but the idea of luck is one which undoubtedly holds a particular fascination. Boasting a strong concept and an impressive lead actor, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man has performed well in the UK and will now be hoping to do the same on the other side of the Atlantic.

Anyone who counts themselves as a fan of Stan Lee’s work should undoubtedly give its mix of police procedural and supernatural elements a chance. Seeking a new TV box set to get into? You might just be in luck.

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