6 Reasons To Watch Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation hits UK cinemas on 23 November and in celebration of its release, here’s 6 reasons why you need to see it…

It’s the ultimate anthem of 2018

Tackling the most prescient millennial and Gen Z issues: sexism and social media, the film takes on the dangers of our digital age, dissecting internet misogyny, the policing of female sexuality, and all round patriarchal attempts at controlling and monitoring female behaviour both on and offline. A modern re-telling of the Crucible, set in present-day Salem, the film gives new meaning to the term ‘witch hunt’ – a phrase we need to be reclaiming now more than ever, as it gets thrown around by angry men on the wrong side of #MeToo.

It has your favourite of-the-moment gals in it

Suki Waterhouse? Check. Hari Nef? Check. Bella Thorne? Check. And to balance it out – Bill Skarsgard in another creepy role. What more could we want?

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