Interview With Victor Turpin

Interview With Victor Turpin: Jennifer Lopez & Shades Of Blue

TV series Shades of Blue (Season 3) hit the UK screens in early July 2018.

Victor Turpin, is an actor in the 3rd and final season of Shades of Blue. He plays the role of Enrique and was keen to share his experience of working in the TV series. Victor previously has played several roles in different popular TV shows such as Will & GraceHappily Divorced and many other TV and film projects which include memorable characters in his native Colombia. Victor is a highly-rated, up-and-coming new actor, who is currently breaking into the heart of Hollywood. In Shades of Blue, we see him acting alongside the legendary Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.  He exclusively shared his excitement with us and revealed more about some of his upcoming film and TV projects.

Victor, you play Enrique in Shades of Blue. Can you tell us a little bit about the character?

My character is the son of a very wealthy Colombian drug lord. He is cocky, full of himself and clearly has need to lower his elite status for Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and the rest of her squad when they capture him. He thinks he can get away with things because of the crooked Feds that work for his dad, and he kinda does. But you gotta keep watching to see what happens next.

What is the most challenging thing about acting in the Shades of Blue TV series?

Every role and project comes with its own challenges. Luckily Enrique is Colombian and so am I, so at least I didn’t have to worry about the accent. Enrique is a bad guy, and they say that playing the bad guy is always more fun, for sure it is!. Also, the whole cast and crew were fantastic. I’ve joined the show in the third season, so they had all already been working together for two years, but as soon as I got to the set the first day, I felt very welcomed by the whole cast and crew.

How does it feel acting alongside Jennifer Lopez?

Well, you know she’s one of the biggest Latin icons, so it was such an honour to work alongside someone so well rounded and hardworking, who has kept herself so current throughout her career. My first scene was with her, and I gotta say I was a little nervous, but the first thing she did when she got to set was say, ‘Hello, I’m Jennifer’, and extended her hand to shake mine. In my head, I went, ‘No kidding, of course, you are Jennifer.’ That just broke any ice. She’s fun, humble and extremely professional on set. She is a total sweetheart.

Do you have any interesting film or TV projects coming up? 

I have a couple of films coming up. I just shot a thriller last year called “Greenlight”, that is on post production right now, that one should be fun to watch, I get killed on it a couple of times, LOL. There are also another two projects I’m working on, but I’ll tell you more about them later on.

You also played a role in the revival of one of the most iconic sitcoms on American television, Will & Grace. How was your experience?

Well, let me tell you if you laugh watching it, just triple the laughter when you are shooting it. It was hilarious!, I had so much fun doing it. Working next to Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and the great Megan Mullally was a dream come true.

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