#BRWC10: The Next 10 Years In Film

#BRWC10: The Next 10 Years In Film

It’s our tenth birthday at BRWC. Yes, #BRWC10 – ten years of bringing you reviews, features, interviews and lots lots more about film, television and anything else that takes place on screen! In 2008, we still rented DVDs and no one had heard of Netflix so, looking into my crystal ball what do I think might be some of the future trends.

No frills cinema

I think this may be the way forward. I hear you say what on earth is no frills cinema. In the same way, we couldn’t now live without Easyjet or Ryanair for that cheeky, low cost break away to the sun, I believe cinema will go the same way. There will be a certain number of seats either free or for a nominal cost but they won’t recline, have cup holders and if you want to have refreshments then these will be charged at a higher cost. Similarly, in the premium seats (which one chain already has) these will come with refreshments and possibly better sound.

Immersive will be the standard

Rather than being something that is a bit of a gimmick or a one off as is currently the case. I predict that immersive cinema will be the standard – if it snowing on screen then the temperature will drop in the auditorium and everyone will see real snow falling. Gone will be the days where all you needed was your imagination.

Franchise Fatigue

Maybe it is just me, but I pray for the day that we no longer have franchises that just go on and on. I think the backlash is coming, cinema-goers want original content rather than part 5 of 12. The same goes for reboots and remakes. Some films from the 1980s don’t deserve to be seen let alone have an encore!

Genre cinemas

There will be a move towards having cinemas that just show films from a certain decade or a genre on a constant loop – sci-fi cinema anyone?

What I don’t believe is that cinema is on the decline. If anything, I think there will be a backlash to the streaming services which people spend an inordinate amount of time looking for that good film to watch. More and more people will want to watch something on the big screen with other people.

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