Mission Impossible: Fallout – Trailer Reaction


By Johnathan Bonham.

My, oh my, oh my. I know its been a couple weeks since the MI: Fallout trailer dropped, but I feel obligated to write an analysis of it. Spoiler alert – it’s going to be VERY biased. Asides from being a huge James Bond fan, I’m a die hard Tom Cruise fan. In turn, that makes me a huge fan of the entire MI series. What I love so much about the series is how different every movie feels. MI:1 keeps you on your toes the entire time with twists and turns, MI:2 is just full blown ass-kicking action, MI:3 gets deep and emotional, MI:4 is fun and exciting, and MI:5 is gritty and intense. Now I know that Christopher McQuarrie coming back for Fallout means that it’s bound to have a similar tone to Rogue Nation, but that is totally fine with me. For those who don’t know, Chris McQuarrie has a very nice IMDb credit page.

He’s penned hits such as The Usual Suspects (won an Oscar for screenplay), Edge of Tomorrow (sooooo underrated), and Jack Reacher. The man obviously knows what he’s doing, has a knack for dialogue and story-telling, AND loves working with Tom Cruise. So, I’m on board for him coming back for more, and am ok if it breaks the whole “differing tone” streak. For the most part I loved Rogue Nation. I do have two gripes, one being a drastic underutilization of Jeremy Renner, the other being an underwhelming ending. Asides from those I think the movie is phenomenal. Although in Fallout I won’t get the Jeremy Renner that I’ve been missing, it looks like they’ve replaced him in a BIG way with Henry Cavill. Before I get too far down the rabbit hole, I’ll do a trailer breakdown/analysis bit by bit.

The trailer begins by jumping from a few different scenes in the movie to show where the various
locales are going to be. Lane, from Rogue Nation, is talking over the clips, ominously questioning if Ethan’s previous missions will be coming back to haunt him. He says that we will be seeing a FALLOUT (subtle) of all Ethan’s good intentions. After this little monologue, the sad piano music in the background cuts to some upbeat, good ole MI music, and we see Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) telling Ethan that a choice he recently made on a mission in Berlin has put the world at risk. We then have Angela Basset, presumably a CIA director, and August Walker (Henry Cavill), presumably a top agent, enter the story. Basset tells us that Hunt lost a case of plutonium on his mission, and now the CIA is taking things over.

From here the trailer starts bouncing around and we see a shot of the Eiffel Tower, a dance club popping off, and Ethan and Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) telling each other to walk away from this mission. Shortly after, we see Ethan drive a car at Ferguson who, in turn, fires on him with a large rifle. So, it’s safe to say they’re at odds. We then see some Ethan biking through Paris, climbing a mountain with no harness, and Walker laying the BOOM in a bathroom fight scene. After a few more shots of characters in the film and different locales, we then come up the finale of the trailer with Ethan climbing around outside a helicopter, which also happens to be in flight. The trailer ends soon after with Ethan in the helicopter, possibly being chased after by Walker.

Wow, that was a lot longer than I meant for it to be. Just imagine how long the movie review is going to be. Hopefully my eagerness to write a long winded review about 2 minutes of clips from the movie shows how excited I am for this. Sure, I like the movies more than most, but people are kidding themselves if they don’t think that the entire series is fun and entertaining (to put it mildly). The trailer starts off so perfectly with the dramatic, melancholy piano music playing during Harris’s voice over. I love when they do that in trailers like Age of Ultron, Infinity Wars, and The Dark Knight. It just builds the antagonists so well.

They’re also bringing back most of the cast for this one, including Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Michelle Monaghan. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, it looks like Renner had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Avengers, but my god did they replace him well. I’m guessing that Cavill is indeed supposed to be his replacement of sorts, and in the bathroom scene we see that he’s got a right hook like a damn wrecking ball. That part looks like it’s going to be awesome; Cavill and Cruise throwing down side-by-side. Can. Not. Wait. I am concerned that Cavill is going to turn heel in the movie because it looks like he’s shooting at Tom in the helicopter scene, but time will tell.

There isn’t a whole lot of detail given to the plot here, but apparently it’s going to tie into the other movies, per the premonition at the beginning. The whole ‘sequel’ aspect concerns me a tiny bit because of what happened with Quantum of Solace as a follow up to Casino Royale (shocker, I brought up Bond again), but I think that was due largely in part to a writers strike that was occurring. Overall the action looks like it’s going to be better than ever with plenty of great hand-to-hand combat, shootouts, and high speed chases. We’ve got a great writer/director on board, all the key cast, and what looks like the makings of a summer blockbuster. Get excited people!

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