The First FiLMiX Of 2018 Is About 2017

Wonder Woman 2017

A 30min mix sprinkled some notable films of 2017…

The mix –

[mixed by alrightBABES]

Siff – Letherette
Bubbly – Shiboski
All You Got To Do – Harrison
Sister Sister – mtbrd
Juicy Fruit – Dokutā Slump
Psycho – sensi
My Favorite Ladies (Flamingosis mix) – MF Doom
Oceanview Eatery – ehiorobo
Make This Magic – Godriguez
Panorama – YUNG BAE
I Wanna Know – Family Barbeque

The films –

Mindhorn: A past-it, washed-up, has-been actor is plucked from midlife obscurity to assist the police in capturing a suspected killer who mistakenly believes the fictional 80s TV character Mindhorn is a real person. Richard Thorncroft makes his way back to the Isle of Man to revitalise his career, relive past glories and rekindle an old flame while trying to get to the truth behind the murder…

Justice League: Let’s be honest, who was actually looking forward to this one? Justice League has finally been released – only five years after Avengers Assemble! Justice League is so late to its own party I’m actually amazed that it’s finally happened…

WonderWonder won’t fill you totally with wonder but it will leave you feeling slightly warmer than when you walked in on a cold winter’s night! It is Christmas after all and its all about kindness and families, in whatever form they take, that’s the take home message of Wonder. Here’s the single biggest issue with Wonder, if you don’t like it then you’re officially heartless…

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer: Last Monday at the opening of the Cannes press conference for The Killing of a Sacred Deer, the presenter, before introducing the key actors said, “This is very much a family movie” which created a moment of silence in the room as people briefly wondered if they had seen the same film. He then amended his phrase to “Sorry, this is a movie about a family”, which made many burst into laughter. There can be a big difference between the two…

The Death Of Stalin: With the way the world has been politically lately – what with the controversial President Donald Trump and the even more controversial post-Brexit Britain – it makes sense that we now get a political parody film. Luckily, Armando Iannucci, the creator of Alan Partridge and The Thick of It, and director of In the Loop, has been more than happy to oblige. Iannucci’s films always being simulations grittily realistic and as hilarious as a Monty Python feature – this is clearly a man of unique story-telling talent. It is refreshing to see such talent back in the fray – and after seeing The Death of Stalin, it’s hard to imagine a better fitting director for such a feature…

Call Me By Your Name: At two points in Call Me by Your Name, when the central pair of lovers kiss, their faces fade out of focus like a memory strained to remember…

Baby Driver: Baby, a young getaway driver with a penchant for super-loud soundtracks to drown out his tinnitus falls in love with the girl of his dreams. Seeing a way out of his criminal life, Baby must face the music and make deadly decisions on one final ill-fated heist…

Paddington 2: You’d be hard pressed to find someone who at least didn’t know Paddington by name. We all have heard of the marmalade loved bear in the blue coat and red hat. The books have touched many people over a number of generations, with the cartoon being just as charming and successful…

Their Finest: London 1940, while Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombs the British capital, Catrin, an unknown screenwriter, and a cast and crew formed by old stars and what’s left of the non recruited youth, unite to finish a film with the aim of reinforcing England’s moral and trying to convince the U.S to join the war…

Wonder Woman: Well done DC. It only took you five years and four films, but you finally did it. You got a “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes! There has been a lot riding on Wonder Woman. Comic book fans want it to be good to do justice to the character. DCCU fans want it to be good to show those Marvel fans what-for. Women want it to be good to show a growing acceptance in Hollywood, plus a new role-model for young girls to be provided. And everyone else wants it to be good so they don’t waste yet another two-hours. And now it looks like all their wishes have come true. What with 93% on the Tomatoes website…


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