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Walk With Me

Walk With Me is a snapshot into the world of true zen; not in the sense of how to reach zen, but a view into how monks and nuns live their lives, earn their money, and cope with the boredom of repetitive tasks. Walk With Me introduces us to the meditative world and the art of mindfulness within a monastic society led by famous teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

Walk With Me, as may be very fitting, is a quiet and measured film. Interspersed with reflective quotes by Benedict Cumberbatch the majority of this film is without dialogue and strikingly, no narration. Walk With Me does not lead in any clear direction. There’s no understand or explanation of what you’re seeing or why you’re seeing it. As  you’ll discover when watching, this monastic society asks its participants to be forever in their present moment, enjoying what is seen and not what is hoped to be seen. Walk With Me personifies the teachings of its participants and is masterful in its portrayal.

Its beauty and patience are undeniable. Unfortunately, this proves to be its own downfall’ At times it does drag on and can be  difficult to watch. Benedict Cumberbatch sounds increasingly strained trying to reduce the pace of his speech below the norm and often thats what watching the documentary feels like, frustrated. It’s a shame, as the camera work is spectacular, the participants are perfect and graceful, and the sound is phenomenal. How the crew were able to so successfully capture the sound of ants crawling on a woven rug, I don’t know, but it’s amazing! Yet, its not going to capture the imagination of a wide ranging audience, even with the Cumberbatch name.

Walk With Me is a documentary for people who love documentaries. Cinema buffs that love a film that encapsulates the subject will adore this, as well as those interested in monastic life. I just don’t think the majority of people would enjoy 30 minutes of silence, regardless of beautiful cinematography. I enjoyed parts of it, but I couldn’t watch it again.

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