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Video games have had a very tenuous relationship with the silver screen since their birth.  Even with all the tech and gizmos out there, like using VR in the casino industry, some of the best first-person shooting or FPS games in history were developed from film titles, like the awesome Nintendo 64 smash hit Goldeneye 007, while some of the most revered FPS titles have been adapted into mediocre films, like the Doom movie.  So what other FPS franchises could prove to be a Hollywood hit, if they were to be made?

Star Wars Battlefront

There’s already two Star Wars trilogies, with a few more on the way out, with mixed reviews for The Last Jedi… The fun of the Battlefront games, however, lay in the struggle for control of cities and battles rather than the swinging of lightsabers. Gamespot lauded Battlefront for giving players the element of choice: stay in to defend your base through a number of nodes, fly out to attack or provide support. A film based on this FPS would feature the choices of soldiers for the Empire and Rebel Alliance playing out on an intergalactic scale, without the need to include the usual names of Jedi and Sith who dominate the Star Wars series.



The first-person shooter that put shooting games on the map, Half-Life tells the story of mute engineer Gordon Freeman in his attempts to overcome aliens and government agents alike, at times using nothing but a crowbar. AllGame said that Half-Life set the stage for all shooting games after it, for good reason. This FPS could be put on film since it tells a much more complex story than did prior shooting titles like Castle Wolfenstein. Despite Freeman’s muteness, screenwriters would likely be forced to give him a speaking role.


Rival game developers Call of Duty plan their game titles around a fictional war between the U.S. and Russia. This contest pales in comparison to Battlefield’s vision of a World War Three, a conflict fought between every world power where alliances rise and fall like the tides. The new release of Battlefield 4 will determine whether or not the USA can get an upper hand on the Middle Eastern Coalition, and whether or not China or the EU will step in to seize power. This FPS could be an action movie, a war movie, a thriller or even a spy flick.

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