Callum Has Ranked The Star Wars Films

Star Wars


The quality of the films shoots up here. Luke, Leia and the rest must save Han Solo from inter-galactic gangster Jabba the Hutt. After doing so they discover a second Death Star is being constructed and is orbiting the forest moon of Endor, home to the lovable and fan-detested Ewoks. The group must go to the moon to take down the Death Star’s shield for the rebel army to destroy it – only for Luke to go after Darth Vader who takes him to see the Emperor. There, Luke must battle against the temptations of the Dark Side.

Once upon a time, this was my favourite Star Wars film. Even to this day it still features some of my favourite scenes of the whole series. Luke’s fight against Jabba’s pet in the pit is as entertaining, and impressive, now as it was back then. Yoda’s final moments were perfectly handled. Best of all is Luke’s temptations. It’s edited alongside a battle, but it feels very personal and features some great acting and an impressive lightsabre duel. In fact, the action and effects in Jedi are still among the best I have seen for Star Wars.

Sadly though, it’s not perfect. In fact, it’s kind of a mess. The Jabba scenes, while great fun, go on way too long and feel like filler. The action, the characters, the stakes and even Boba Fett’s hilarious anti-climax keep you tuned in, but it feels like a different film compared to what comes after. Even then, the scenes where Luke is with the Emperor – dark, brooding moments that almost feel like a deal with the devil – clash with the child-friendly Ewoks. I can understand the hate for these little things. But, thanks to some nice metaphors like wood beating steel, I don’t mind them myself.

The major issue I have with this film is really in some of its execution. The acting, outside of great moments, is probably the weakest of the original trilogy – with Harrison Ford clearly not thrilled to be there. The directing feels very workman like. Either Marquand saw this as just another job or, more likely, he and Lucas clashed on many ideas and so both met in the middle. Either way, it feels rather restrained. With the plot once again being a quest to destroy the Death Star, forgive me if I can’t help but feel that we are on repeat here. It’s still a lot of fun and is a satisfying close to trilogy. But it could have, and should have, been more.

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