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Star Wars


Could it have been any other? What A New Hope excelled in, The Empire Strikes Back perfected. Darth Vader is personally hunting Luke Skywalker and his friends. After being attacked and narrowly escaping the dark lord, the group splits up. Luke goes to be trained under Jedi master Yoda. While Leia and Han go to Cloud City to meet with an old companion. This turns out to be a mistake, as Han and Leia are captured by Vader and used as bait for Luke, who promptly rushes to save his friends. There only dark twists and horrifying secrets await.

It’s amazing to see that a sequel to such a huge film is not doing the same thing. Unlike so many other follow-ups, Empire takes huge risks. It’s slower, it’s darker, it’s more character driven. And it’s better in every way! The directing and writing are the best of the whole series. The acting is superb. The effects are still phenomenal. It’s all around perfect. The Yoda scenes are a perfect demonstration to all this film’s strengths. They are full of great dialogue, amazing character development and stunning visual imagery. Lucas, Kershner and Lawrence Kasdan brought every bit of their A-game and it shows in every frame.

This is the film where our characters became the great icons that we remember them as. Luke was rather whiny in the first one, but here he comes off as an aspiring and loyal hero who is eager to learn more. Han Solo complains a little less and works better as a rogue with a heart of gold. Most of all, Darth Vader turned from the henchman in the corner into an unstoppable monster and one of the greatest villains of all time. As the characters matured so did the story. You’d think that the slower and darker film would bore or scare kids, but that was not the case – the biggest risk taken had really paid off.

From Hoth to the twist ending, I cannot find fault with Empire. I know that many know the twist already, but I won’t spoil it because there is a reason it’s so iconic. To see this for the first time and have everything you knew about the series thrown on its head is an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t rob from anyone. It’s as perfect a Star Wars film as anyone could wish. It’s easily one of my favourite films of all time, as it is with many others. Star Wars might have been great before it, but this is the film that gave Star Wars its staying power. This is why the series will last and influence people for years and years to come.

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