Review: Never Let Go

Never Let Go

Sometimes holidays aren’t the vacation you imagine. Never Let Go takes this to its pinnacle as a single mother has to take the law into her own hands when her child is abducted on the beach.

Pretty much a re-imagining of Taken, this brainchild of director and writer Howard J Ford is clearly built around a crime statistic on child abductions and is TV movie MAGIC.

It’s over-dramatised, with weak to average acting and emotional onslaughts that neither fit in with the pace of the film or with the story. Whilst asking for water from a few boys playing football our protagonist Lisa Brennan partakes in a slow motion drinking session, inspiring such love and care in the hearts of these boys who barely speak the same language that they lie to the police about her whereabouts. Whilst inspiring for a mother who has lost her child, it just doesn’t add up. They barely speak, why do they care, it’s never explained; it’s just assumed they understand her plight. This sort of forced emotion and drama is what ruins what should be dramatic tale, but also makes it so magical and cheesy.

Angela Dixon (Lisa Brennan) is unbelievable as a former agent who has a ‘set of skills that could help’ (wonder where they got that from) and is not helped by a nonsense script. Cheesy line after cheesy line followed by the continues proclamation ‘I’m a mother’ for an hour an half are so wonderfully bad you might end up liking it by mistake.

Despite the fact that Never Let Go has very little going for it except for a genuinely fun and exciting opening credits, it’s a decent TV movie. It’s the sort of thing to switch your brain off to on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday, or to make fun of whilst drinking but it’s real selling point is that it has a fake baby that would rival American Sniper.

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