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Ready Player One 

By Venetia Faye.

The highly anticipated convention Comic Con took place in San Diego this past week, and it did not disappoint. Annually, Film and TV fans are able to watch never seen before footage and trailers; all while taking part in ‘cosplay’ competitions and buying merchandise. Popular for its exclusive previews and celebrity panels, Film and TV fans were in for a treat.

Here at BRWC, we have compiled a few film trailers that were debuted at the San Diego Comic Con:

1) Thor: Ragnarok

After the release of the first trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, audiences were stunned by the events of the trailer; One in particular, the faceoff between Thor and his fellow avenger The Hulk. As well as the “Dark World” that we are used to seeing Thor live in; in contrast to the brighter, more humorous setting that is presented. Director Taika Waititi has reinvented the Thor aesthetic and contributes an interesting theme that viewers are excited to see.

2) Ready Player One

‘Ready Player One’ is the trailer based on the debut novel by Ernest Cline. The preview shows a dystopian future that is brought to life by legendary director Steven Spielberg. Set in a futuristic 2044, main character Wade Watts, gives us a glimpse into his escape into the virtual world “OASIS”. Watts chooses to live most of his life here, in order to escape the poverty that surrounds him. The trailer is vibrant and oozes 80’s nostalgia, while still remaining modern and contemporary. It will be interesting to see how the novel translates on screen.

3) Justice League

After the great success of Wonder Woman, DC are anticipating another blockbuster with ‘Justice League’. Following the events of ‘Batman v Superman’ and the tragic death of Superman; the world is “without hope”, forcing the Justice League to unite. In the trailer revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, DC gave fans a first look at antagonist ‘Steppenwolf’ as well as the battle the group undergo in order to save the world.

4) Jigsaw

After a decade, the Saw franchise is back! The trailer reintroduces ‘Jigsaw’; the man who had died over 10 years ago (perhaps someone new has reclaimed this title). The trailer also shows characters doing everything in their power to avoid a painful death. The title ‘Jigsaw’ could suggest a potential reboot after the first Saw film back in 2004.

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