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Having played the part for nearly two decades, Hugh Jackman has decided that this latest Wolverine instalment will be his last. Taking inspiration from Michael Keaton in Birdman (and less impressively a chat with Jerry Seinfeld), he’s bringing the story of Logan to a close in downbeat but spectacular fashion.

Going from taut and whiskery to haggard and bushy, the super-soldier has finally turned sour, filling his days with booze and driving jobs whilst nursing a fragile Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Bereft of his pointy hairstyle and sporting a vagrant’s beard, this beaten-up version of Marvel’s grouchiest mutant wouldn’t look out of place buffing your windscreen with his sleeve in exchange for some quarters. The adamantium blades are still in place but everything else is a stylistic departure. He even wears a suit in some scenes. I mean, a suit… on Logan! What next, Ultron in a bikini?

How this feral finale, inspired by Marvel’s visceral Old Man Logan series, will go down with the flick’s target audience is a question for the ages. Though with a bold shift in tone, evident from the appearance director James Mangold has given his leading man, Logan will certainly be remembered as a key example of one comic book character whose image was transformed by the movie world.

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