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Dir. Mark J. Blackman.

Bookended by two definitions of the title word, Animus is a short, straightforward venture in to finding the strength to do – to move, to say goodbye, to be honest. Sienna and Elliot quietly sit at his kitchen table, and discuss their break up and their lives apart. They forgive old wrongs and wipe clean the ‘bad blood’ – part of the reason Sienna is there…

The wide spaces and farmland around Elliot’s house taunt him with the freedom he doesn’t have – Sienna’s blue colour scheme separates her from Elliot’s green, indicating she has spread her wings and is unlocked; Elliot, trapped but happily resigned, laughs at the nature of fate while Sienna has actively rebelled against her.

This gently tragic drama has an undertone of optimism – motivation in the face of hostility. Perseverance in climbing the wall of Fate.

Mark J. Blackman is an award-winning Director of short films, music promos and hundreds of corporates and broadcast promos.

He has worked extensively all over Europe, the U.S, Asia and can occasionally be seen filming on the sides of mountains in Nepal.

Mark’s films have been praised for their stylized visuals, strong female characters, uncompromising tones and black humour.

His works have both screened and sold at film festivals around the world and he has picked up numerous awards from the likes of The New York Festival, Promax and Houston Worldfest amongst others.


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