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A dark black and white tale, Tastes Like Medicine takes us through the mental breakdown and eventual split from reality of Kevin (Justin Walker Wright) as he faces his past, and questions himself at his ex-girlfriend’s baby shower.

Taste Like Medicine opens with a truly powerful scene as Walker Wright delivers a strong monologue coupled with slow motion movements of his ex-girlfriends face as she delivers the news and walks away. Steven Alexander Russell delivers gold in this scene, along with the excellent facial expressions of Marissa Rambaram (Alice).  Unfortunately, the power of scene is taken from with the next  ten minutes before a final scene showing  Kevin’s face during the same conversation re-delivers on this early excellence.

Tastes Like Medicine

Tastes Like Medicine

The central scenes of this film aren’t nearly as well delivered with much poorer acting, a confusing story line and an unlikable lead. I feel that Russell uses blank facial expressions and non-emotive delivery to try to display a break from reality as well as several monologue scenes. I can’t fault him for inventiveness and for direction in terms of background characters, but the break from reality itself is confusing and muddled without clarity in what is actually going on. Regretfully, Russell’s style just appears like bad acting and poor delivery, not delivering on an interesting plot-line.

Tastes Like Medicine has a lot of  thought behind it and is inventive in what it seeks to achieve. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver in entertainment and it was hard to stay in the moment. Russell has a future in film-making and the actors themselves have talent, but I wouldn’t put this down as a great display of either.

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