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Following the 2011 ‘comedy’ Goon: The Last of the Enforcers its only right that someone eventually made a documentary about the real enforcers of hockey, and that’s exactly what Brett Harvey has done with Ice Guardians. Ice Guardians is a pertinent documentary about the trials and tribulations of this often debated and controversial sporting figures. Watch as they cause destruction and violence on the ice, all in the name  of protection.

Not knowing an awful lot about Ice Hockey, despite enjoying  it thoroughly at the Olympics every four years, Ice Guardians appeared a little WORD at first glance, but Brett Harvey has done a fine job of giving the viewer enough build up and context that any layman of hockey can  enjoy this documentary. Using a combination of ex players, hockey fans and experts we’re given a full understanding of  the role of the enforcer but their importance in the sport. Incredibly interesting and fun Ice Guardians only suffers from being very very one sided in that it doesn’t really analyse the role of  enforcer as much as defend it but is rescued with fantastic editing and brilliantly interesting characters throughout.

The  timing of the music, historic shots and video footage all work together to create an enjoyable and at  the same time  eye  opening documentary on the world of  ice hockey and the often lambasted and mocked enforcer.Go on…have a watch!

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