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By Toby Howell.

Tri is one of this year’s biggest surprises. You know when you watch a film that unknowingly packs a punch and you get that feeling of astonishment and glee? Well say hello to Tri. From the outside it looks like one of those straight to DVD releases, which lacks any kind of originality. This, is only partly true. What Tri lacks in creativity, it makes up for in characterisation. The film focuses on Natalie, played by the addictively watchable Jensen Jacobs, who decides along with her friend to sign up and train for a triathlon. What makes Tri so likeable is the ease to feel at home and relate to the characters. Each character has a flaw, each character uses the triathlon as a way to defeat their flaw, to overcome adversity. The movie confidently brandishes out music that truly complaints the flow and arch of the film, not only this, but the cinematography is mouth-watering with the characters displayed in immaculate backdrops with stunning slow-mo sequences which really capture your attention.

One of the biggest achievements of the project is the acting, even though there are no big names on the cast list, they earn your respect on screen. The film deals with dark themes and its actors hold their ground superbly well with some of the most emotional monologues I’ve seen all year. There were times where I had to sit back and question whether my eyes were going to water, it may be wise to have a tissue nearby.

To date with 49 reviews, Tri sits with an incredible 9.5 rating on IDMB, a score that really shouldn’t be overlooked. This film really does pack a motivational punch, even if you think you’ve seen it all before. The genuine nature and the personality of the characters blind you from your doubts and enable you to enjoy what is unfolding before your eyes. Due to a limited release, catch it now – you won’t regret it – Tri it.

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