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Before I start talking about X-Men: Apocalypse in detail, I want to start this review by stating two things about myself. Firstly, I’m not the kinda guy who usually says a film isn’t worth watching, or be completely damning. I like to find the good in everything, and I’ll pretty much watch and enjoy something even if I know it’s no cinematic masterpiece, or, in this case, worse than others in the series. Secondly, I liked Batman Vs. Superman. Say what you want, I thought it was great, that’s right,… not good, but a great film.

X-Men: Apocalypse, in which we our famed heroes, plus a LOT of new ones, fight a tyrannical and all-powerful God like villain hell bent of destroying everything is an OK film. It had redeemed parts and it had long drawn out wasteful parts. It was good and bad in equal measure. We saw plenty of great comedy action sequences and the portion of the film set mainly in Xavier’s school was almost perfect. Quicksilver was a delight once again and the new mutants were ones we all knew and wanted in the film, these parts were fantastic. Apocalypse however, Apocalypse was awful.

The writers somehow managed to take one of the meanest and most insane villains from the X-Men universe and make him meh. His motivation was strange, his expressions odd and he simply caused big and powerful explosions. He had no depth and no soul. He’s a typical third film villain, designed only to be bigger and badder than everyone who’d come before. For me, this isn’t what made X-Men great, and it’s the same thing that brought down X-Men: The Last Stand and the same reason again, Captain America: Winter Soldier was my least favourite Cap film so far. Constant action, huge explosions and bigger everything doesn’t guarantee a strong film.

When all is said and done, and despite my rant, I liked X-Men: Apocalypse and I will be watching it again (the day after I’m writing this review in fact). It had enough redeeming features for me to enjoyable. I laughed and in times I was even in suspense. Not only that, but like many others I’m sure, I’m involved in this story line. I still want more, and I hope they make more. If they don’t it’ll be a great shame. I just hope the box-office does enough to placate the seemingly many, bad reviews.

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