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It looks like 4K technology has started to infiltrate the living rooms of tech savvy film lovers all over the world.  Continuing on from what Blu-rays, 720p and 1080p HD had to offer, the cinema quality surround sound audio, and the beautiful pristine and vivid colours (not to mention image quality), 4K technology is how films were meant to be shown and consumed.  Watching films on the Ultra HD 4K Panasonic TV for example is as close as you will get to the director’s original vision.  With the number of 4K films growing rapidly recently, here are a few of the best 4K Ultra HD films to test out your new kit.

Life Of Pi on your 4K TV

Life Of Pi on your 4K TV

Life Of Pi

Ang Lee’s 2012 film Life of Pi was dubbed the “next Avatar” by some people because of the film’s gorgeous art direction and downright impressive visual effects.  During the 2013 Academy Awards it cleaned up with the some of the tech gongs, taking home the Oscar for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Music — Original Score, and Best Achievement in Visual Effects.  And deservedly so.  From the breaching whale surrounded in phosphorescence, to the beautiful and terrifying computer-generated Bengal tiger, Life of Pi is an experience that will push your 4K setup to its absolute limit.


Skyfall on your 4K TV


Most cinema-goers would agree that Skyfall is the best of the post-Brosnan Bond films.  It is a fantastic mix of beautiful cinematography, stunningly choreographed action scenes, and lush audio that make a perfect showcase for your 4K kit.  The opening chase scene alone will test your sound system’s power, and beautiful setups like the fight with a sniper against the reflection of the massive LCD screen overlooking Shanghai are more art house than blockbuster.  Add Skyfall to your 4K list.

Die Hard

Die Hard on your 4K TV

Die Hard

The Ultimate action film for the ultimate home cinema setup.  The film transfer is almost perfect and takes you back to the cinema 20 years ago.  The surround sound mix is incredible, every bullet shot and explosions just pops on your 4K audio setup.  I highly recommend buying this on 4K Blu-ray.

And here are some honourable mentions too, treat yourself with 4K!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


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