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Essentially the story of a middle-aged couple working in a tearoom and their far-fetched scheme to serve much more than a slice of cake, Tea for Two has been written and directed by Mark Brennan of Pork Chop Pictures in collaboration with Mini Productions and produced thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Acclaimed royal cake designer Fiona Cairns features as executive producer and her creations are proudly displayed on the counter of this retro Hertfordshire cake parlour.

“Today’s the day”, says Alice (Amanda Barrie of Bad Girls and Coronation Street) to Jim (John Challis of Only Fool and Horses and Doctor Who) as a remarkably noisy clock ticks away. The place is empty and the couple are anxiously waiting for someone to arrive.

When the first male customer walks in, Jim gives him an unreasonably hard time, just because the young man is running behind his usual lunch schedule. Alice is not impressed by her husband’s behaviour as nothing must get in their plan’s way.

Despite numerous threats to highjack their conspiracy, the pair’s astute yet clumsy ways eventually manage to achieve their goals, while entertaining the viewer with their remarkably mysterious and unorthodox ways.

Tea for Two is a brilliantly executed, quirky and uniquely British short comedy with timely, subtle twists and a retro feel that will leave you wanting more.

Tea for Two premiered last May, and has been screened at various events in the UK, including the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival, the Winchester Short Film Festival and, most recently, the uFilmFest in Ukraine.

Watch Tea for Two’s trailer here:

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