Gabriella Incalza Kaplanova
Gabriella Incalza Kaplanova 36POSTS

Gabriella claims to know nothing about film. She may have studied it at Uni and watched an indecent amount of comedies, but she’ll still approach each review like its her first one...


A long awaited cinematic portrayal of media tycoon and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his contemporaries directed by Paolo Sorrentino (The Young

Interview With Elena Sofia Ricci

She’s a household name within the Italian industry as she’s been active since the mid Eighties. Elena Sofia Ricci has performed on stage, on

The Man Who Bought The Moon

When word spreads that an anonymous Sardinian has laid claim to none other but the moon, the entire planet Earth shivers. Secret services across

Jacopo Cullin Interview

He is an Italian actor and director known internationally for The Referee (L’arbitro), which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2013.  Jacopo Cullin now

Distorted: Review

This is the story of a young couple trying to overcome personal trauma and haunting memories. Lauren (Christina Ricci) and Russell (Brendan Fletcher) move