Gabriella Incalza Kaplanova
Gabriella Incalza Kaplanova 28POSTS

Gabriella claims to know nothing about film. She may have studied it at Uni and watched an indecent amount of comedies, but she’ll still approach each review like its her first one, for two reasons: her memory is embarrassingly appalling and she hates the idea of being labelled an expert of any sort.

Elle: Review

A beautifully shot and directed short drama, it narrates the story of a girl, her dream of becoming a professional dancer and the challenges

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Following on from the original 2011 BBC documentary You’ve Been Trumped, Anthony Baxter’s sequel carries on his narrative on the struggles faced by some

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Shocking, disconcerting and twisted are only but a few adjectives that come to mind after watching this Chilean movie directed by Pablo Larrain (Tony

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“In London, you never know your own neighbours”, thunders one of the protagonists of this psychological thriller directed by acclaimed British playwright and theatre

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Essentially the story of a middle-aged couple working in a tearoom and their far-fetched scheme to serve much more than a slice of cake,