A Quick Chat With Monica Bellucci About SPECTRE

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Q. Tell us your thoughts on the opening sequence?

A. Mexico City gives a big present to the film because I think the first ten minutes are amazing, the sequences are unforgettable and is very much in the tradition of Bond. I realised that London for the premiere was great and amazing and then I went to Rome, Madrid and Mexico, it’s been the same across the world so that’s why I think it’s so iconic for an actress to be part of this Bond institution.

Q. Can you tell us what attracted you to this role?

A. I wanted to work with Sam Mendes and I respect him so much as well as having those beautiful moments of acting with Daniel and my character Lucia, although is not there for a long amount of time has four very strong scenes. The moments of fighting and kissing with Bond are moments of passion and with Lea Seydoux, the female characters are about love. What I like is the evolution of femininity, Lucia is a woman from the past and Madeleine represents the future, the modernity of the woman, she’s younger and more in control and she knows what she wants so it’s a beautiful message for women.

Q. What do you think is the appeal of Spectre?

A. We can see in this film that we have all the elements, we have some action moments, we have some violence but in a cinematographic way and beautiful female roles and even James Bond has become romantic because Sam and Daniel together really created a Bond that isn’t just a killer or just a rational man in control but he has feelings and emotions and that becomes human.

SPECTRE is available on Digital HD™ 19th February, 

Blu-ray™ & DVD 22nd February, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment 

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