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Direct from its successful Summer cinema run, Pernicious hits DVD next week. On the eve of the blood spilling, we spoke to actress Emily O’Brien.

How was the experience in Thailand shooting the film?

Just excellent, it really lent to the tone of the film and the experience as a whole.

Did you learn anything about Thailand that you didn’t know before?

I learnt so much about the culture and Buddhism and the food! Here in The States Pad Thai is considered a delicacy whereas in Thailand it is a very cheap street food that’s prepared in a wok in minutes.

Do they work any differently over there?

Yes, they are extremely efficient, always eager to help, perfectionists and very hard workers. Even at times almost submissive which is really just misconstrued for  their enthusiasm of working on a set.

Why do you think the country lends itself so beautifully to horror?

There is something very mystical about Thailand. Perhaps it’s the serene vastness of the rice paddies in isolation, or the unbelievable and thunderous monsoons or the religion and ancient temples. Perhaps all of it… It all seems like a very easy place to get lost or sucked up by the nature that exists around you.

Can you tell us about working with James Cullen Bressack?

James is very laid back, we all became great friends on this shoot. He took his time and was very careful with us when it came to delicate scenes, that is something I admire about his work ethic. He made us feel like we were all close friends, comfortable and open.

You and your co-stars have great chemistry. Was that crafted over a rehearsal period? 

No! We immediately just got along so well! I feel very lucky to have worked with Jackie and Ciara, the way we were on screen, we got along even better than that off screen.

Have you kept in touch with the cast since the film wrapped?

Yes. We met for lunch and have gone out a few times, gone to birthday parties. I have even worked with James again on a new film that will be released in 2016.


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