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By Jan Pressley.

Writing is impossible without inspiration. If you are facing a writer’s block, you despise even those ideas that used to seem cool a while ago. You drive yourself to agony trying to think of new characters, scenes, and plot twists for your current project.

The first thing you can do is relax. This state will go away sooner or later, and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. You already tried that? No success? There is something else you can do while you’re relaxing: watch a movie! The first thought that comes to your mind may be a novel-to-film adaptation. Step away from clichés; you can draw inspiration from other types of movies as well! It’s all about getting creative!

How Movies Can Inspire You to Write

They enable you to visualize a parallel reality

You are a writer, so the skill of visualization is surely something you’re familiar with. However, sometimes you are so stuck in your dark spot that your ideas seem impossible to convey. Your favorite books won’t help you get inspired in such moment. Watching a good movie, on the other hand, will motivate you to change your approach and write something that can be turned into a beautiful story on screen.

Movies are more enjoyable than books

Of course, a powerful movie is not exactly relaxing, but it takes less time than reading a book and can result with a similar impression. You don’t have few days to spend searching for inspiration in novels? Well you certainly have two hours to watch a good film.

Through movies, you can envision social circumstances

The story you are working on is set in a particular period. You need to make it believable by infusing details that enable the reader to imagine the surroundings and vibe of the time. Instead of visiting a museum, you can watch a movie set that era. Pay attention to every aspect: the clothes, the music, jewelry, conversations… everything!

Movies present a successful blend between fact and fiction

Have you seen A Little Chaos? You know it’s inspired by the Gardens of Versailles, designed by André Le Nôtre. That’s where the creators of this movie stopped sticking to historical facts. You can draw great motivation from this idea. You take a historical event and create your own story around it. Here is the most important thing you can learn from these movies: your readers should never make a distinction between the fiction and nonfiction parts in your story. Make it believable, just like a mesmerizing film.

A good film can uplift your mood

The reality is not as harsh as you want to think it is. Okay, maybe it is… but a movie can help you understand that writers should consider the positive side of life as well. Finding Neverland can be the perfect motivator in times of depression.

Top 10 movies that will inspire you to write


Which Movie Should You Choose?

The last thing you would want is something too realistic. You are analyzing reality every single day. When you have time to watch a movie, choose something different, abstract, and inspirational. Do you have some interests you would like to explore? Find a movie related to them!

You can start from period dramas and proceed to fantasy; any masterful movie will get you into writing mode. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you with broad suggestions. In this infographic, you will find a list of 10 movies that will inspire you to write! Take a look at the quotes: they prove that you won’t waste your time with these exceptional films. That’s a guarantee!

Author’s bio:

Jan Pressley is a young designer and movie fan. She thinks that our life is a movie and everyone has a power to make it like a comedy or thriller. Jan always wanted to be a creator, this is why now she is a talented designer. Currently she works with different companies as a web designer, for example her recent work was for TopReviewStars.  Also she like blogging, photo and skating.

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