The Into Film Festival Opens Nationwide 4th Nov

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Into Film Festival, the biggest film festival for children and young people, will take place UK-wide between 4– 21 November. Exploring the wonder of film and its educational potential it aims to creatively involve 5-19- year-olds to watch and make films. Highlights include previews of new films, screenings, special events and workshops with industry professionals. All events and screenings are completely free and can be booked at

The Festival takes place throughout the UK – from the Isle of Skye to Penzance – with 2,700 events happening in all major towns and cities over three weeks. It also travels to remote and socially disadvantaged locations to be fully accessible to everyone. There are screenings at major cinemas chains and independents, as well as libraries, village halls and even a zoo!

Highlights from this year’s programme includes:

  • An array of exciting previews including: the British thriller The Imitation Game, the British drama Sixteen, Disney’s new film Bearsand an exclusive screening of The Possibilities Are Endless.
  • A range of events and workshops with leading film professionals. Young people will get the chance to meet the actors Imelda Staunton and Jason Flemyng, the filmmakers: Clio Bernard, Stevie Jamieson and Mark Shapiro; and take part in an animation masterclass from Mark Solomon (to name a few).
  • Over 140 feature films, including contemporary titles such as MalificentGuardians of the Galaxyand Pride and classic favourites including Flash Gordon and Rebel Without a Cause. We’re screening films from all over the world covering a range of political and social issues; all titles have been chosen for their educational value and fit into thirteen different timely themes such as World War One, Black History, Teen Evolution, Parliament Week and a focus on the UN Convention for the Rights of a Child.
  • A range of unique and quirky events including a screening of The Lion Kingin Belfast Zoo and the chance to see Space Station 3-D in IMAX and meet representatives from UK Space. The Festival also extends its reach into more remote parts of Scotland via the travelling Screen Machine, a mobile cinema that will show films in town halls and car parks in areas where there is no cinema.

More events will be added to the programme in due course and the Festival has attracted support from leading industry film talent; Oscar-nominated actor Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech, Les Miserables, Harry Potter) commented;

“Film is such a fantastic medium, it can bring you to places and show you places…immerse you in a world of stories. Storytelling is the most important thing as it’s lasted for so long. It’s just another way of telling a story but amazingly compulsive. I find it fascinating, I mean you just have to sit there and it comes to you and if it’s part of a free festival… even better.”

The Festival film programme aims to educate, entertain and introduce young people to new types of film beyond the multiplex, other touring programme strands include the ‘Cinema of Childhood’ a season curated by the critic Mark Cousins, which showcases lesser known European films about growing up. The Festival is pleased to feature highlights from the BFI’s major touring Sci-Fi season.

Many screenings during the Festival will also include a range of notable speakers from charities and government organisations that will host talks to contextualise films and discuss the relevant issues they bring up; Oxfam, Stonewall, Unicef, the Refugee Council and Creative England are all confirmed to give post film discussions on topics ranging from inequality, human rights and homophobia.

The Into Film Festival builds on the success of last year’s Festival, which saw 200,000 young people attending screenings and events across the UK. Renamed the Into Film Festival, it is made possible by support from Cinema First and the BFI through Lottery funding.

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