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This year, a new movie called “The Monuments Men” is about to conquer lots of awards and hearts. It has a good story based on an amazing, fascinating true event. The Monuments Men trailer gives a great first view of the movie, as we get to see the incredible cast, starring really wonderful actors. George Clooney directed and he is also playing one of the main roles. There are also stars like Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, Jean Dujardin and many others.

The Monuments Men has an incredible story to share. It tells the struggles of seven people, who were tasked by FDR with going into Germany, at the times of the Second World War, to rescue stolen artifacts from the Nazi thieves. It was the Hitler’s plan to steal over 5 million pieces of artwork and destroy all of them, in case Germany falls or he dies. Destroying the art works would have been one of the biggest evil acts known in history. You can kill half of the nation, burn their homes and put them into war and somehow they will face it and they would still find a way back. But if you destroy people’s history, it is like they never existed. If there is nothing to inherit from the past, basically there is no future. Hitler wanted it all and this is why a team that would protect the art pieces was created.

The Monuments men were art people. They were museum directors, art curators and archivists, who were put together into a team, that had to do everything in order to find, save and protect the stolen creations. Basically, those men were the ones who saved our past. The stolen artifacts represented more than one thousand years of culture. This is why the mission accomplished by the monuments men is considered and truly is great. They protected the European culture, the world’s history and the humankind’s past.

Brought to us by Columbia Pictures and Smokehouse Pictures, “The Monuments Men” is truly one of the top movies of the 2014 year. Do not miss the chance to watch it and learn about the brave men that protected the mankind’s greatest achievements.

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