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By The_Reaper.

Everybody has their own inner-demons to face. Everybody has their own skeletons neatly hidden in their closets. So how would you feel if you had to face them?

48 Hours In Purgatory follows the story of a film studio, dead set on making a true-life thriller about people facing their demons, the changes of such a life-altering experience for the subjects as well as the conflict that arise from the death of a co-worker that runs the show.

Considering the budget the film had and the limited resources that the folks at SKG Films had to work with. This was a great indie film. Brilliantly scripted and well directed, 48 Hours In Purgatory really made me sit up in my chair. The storyline was exceptional, to say the least (although I would’ve cut some unnecessary parts completely). And with so many characters to identify with on so many different levels, one cannot help, but want to rake your brain and think what if I was one of those subjects? What if my dirty laundry was displayed for all to see?

48 Hours In Purgatory stars many unknown actors, but also the beautiful Emily Alatalo (Never Lost) and sexy Andrew Roth (Suicide Kids) as the leads.

Written and directed by Jason Armstrong and produced by Mike Klassen, 48 Hours In Purgatory truly has all the elements to thrill. With a great paranormal twist and a story inside of a story, who could possibly say no to a piece of indie art?

Off course no good deed goes unpunished in my books, so I must deliver some critique. With their limited budget some things were impossible to have, such as A-list actors, which would’ve placed 48 Hours In Purgatory in the headlines by now. But unfortunately not all movies are flawless and we must take the good and bad elements that accompany a film together. Another problem I found was that the trailer did not do the movie justice by a long shot. That said, I have to honestly admit that when I watched the first few minutes it made me think a little about a porno because of the camera work, which in my opinion was a little shaky… However I chocked on my words as the story started to unravel into a suspenseful nail biter and the plot was set into motion.

No release date has been set for the Blu-Ray yet, but I’m sure that some, more than others would be interested in seeing what it has to offer. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you like seeing a creepy looking dude (Sean Szutka), which seems way too optimistic as he smashes his hand in a drawer over and over again.

All in all I enjoyed it for the risk that Skeleton Key Global Films took and I am very interested to see their upcoming films, Bitter and Abolition, knowing they are working with more experienced people and better budgets.

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