Peacock Season

There is no better film created on such a shoestring budget that actually shows you what the Fringe is like from the performers’ view. Many, many, many comedy performers are present for cameo roles.

Stand out performances that are worth a mention are: Adam Hiles is a stand out character, playing the professional who has been doing it for over 10 years, always coming back for more. Glenn Wool plays the cool comedian who always gets women. Phil Nichol plays an over hyped agent who speaks really fast and is a joy to behold on screen. These types of comedians should be captured more for their magnetism more so in films or anything with a camera. Otherwise how they are now will just be wasted. Also starring: James Wren, Cal McCrystal, Paul Foot, Matt Kirshen, Rhys Darby, Pete Firman, Justin Edwards, John Biddle, Oliver Birch, David Glover, Nina Conti and Reece Shearsmith.

It is an analysis of the Fringe mentality for anyone seeking fame or even any appreciation of any kind really. The first year, you don’t bother with the reviews or critics, second year you start to care about reviews, third year you care about critics, fourth year…and so on.

The film itself has as a certain number of flaws. Such as the main acting roles needed someone with more charisma and flair to make you want to watch further. Instead of an unconvincing James Wren who fails to capture your full attention. The film lacks that element of quality within the production. I’m sure there was a lack of budget but, I would love to see a polished film that stands the test of time. I hope Peacock Season can be used as a template for an official, budgeted film shot on nice cameras as there is so much potential in this type of project.

Lets take nothing away from this great achievement of a film showing exactly the type of thing to expect if you are a first time performer. A true examination of the explanation that anything goes laxidaisy attitude during the festival. Brilliant as it was made on a budget of about £60.

One which you can tell was a true labour of love.

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