The Girlfriend Experience

Review: The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is Steven Soderbergh’s latest attempt to blend indie texture with sophisticated sexuality. Coming out the fog that was CHE, Mr. Soderbergh has created a film that sits on the opposite of the spectrum. The story of a call girl with emotional and intellectual attachments to her clients is appropriate in this modern world. Where efficiency is key in the service industry, her research to improve the business is familiar to capitalistic urges to expand.

I saw the film in HD at my house so my impression is somewhat different than of the local cinema. There are pros and cons to this but that’s another debate for another time.

The script is simple with few characters performing in the same settings. Beautifully shot, the film reminds me of the dreamlike scenes from Solaris. The cinematography gives the actors space, creating a hidden camera perspective but it also reminds me of the god awful show, The Hills. The casting of an Adult film star as the lead was somewhat reminiscent of the “real” people who acted in Bubble. Sasha Grey is actually cute and her manner is calm and collective.

While she seems somewhat nervous about her future, her expression is confident, giving her more sex appeal. Her actual boyfriend is dealing with his own business ventures, selling fitness clothes and seems not too bothered about his girlfriend’s job. The contrast of the boyfriend and girlfriend is needed in the script but I feel his side is boring. Not because of its lack of sex, because of its lack of substance. The chronology is mixed up with small segments spliced throughout the film. I thought is was distracting altogether but the story needed it.

I think Soderbergh needed to make this film to sooth his indie roots. While I wasn’t captivated by its story, the idea and drama of it seemed real enough to relate and absorb.

Watch it if your curious about indie experiments or just a Soderbergh fan.

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