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2008 is over. Here are the ten films that made 2008 (in my opinion, and in no order).

This film made me get into, like and appreciate Joy Division. A great film.

The Dark Knight
There’s plenty to say to about TDK. The fact we were all dumbstruck as the credits rolled says a lot. An interesting and engaging cat and mouse drama that happens to be about a bloke dressed as a bat.

Be Kind Rewind
Fun and inventive stuff. Reflected what is so great about making and watching films.

Synecdoche, New York
Bold, weird and baffling, cold and brutal film. Everyone needs to see this film I think.

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

A great family watch that pushes pop culture and issues. It pushes and entertains you as you watch.

Son Of Rambow
Reminds me of my childhood. Inventive, heartwarming, funny and all that, with two great central performances.

The Wackness
Awesome, it wasn’t for everyone, but it worked for me. Nice, smooth, steady pace, and the fat one of Drake & Josh surprised me. Sir Ben was good too.

Lars And The Real Girl
Ryan Nelson keeps on pleasing me with his choice of films. This shouldn’t have worked. It sounds stupid. But it did. It was great. Please rent it.

The Orphanage
Proper scary and tense. There aren’t many recent films that are scary and tense. You never know what’s coming next.

The rest that need to be mentioned…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Slumdog Millionaire
I Know You Know
Happy Go Lucky
Sleeping Dogs Lie
Charlie Wilson’s War
Somers Town
No Country For Old Men
Burn After Reading
I’m Not There

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