Little Wing Film Festival Starts This Weekend

Little Wing Film Festival

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This weekend is the inaugural Little Wing Film Festival in London, screening films by first-time filmmakers, including students, recent grads, and filmmakers from non-academic routes.  The idea of the festival is to be able to reward these new creatives in more ways than “exposure” as they’re beginning their careers.   Sponsored prizes have been sourced to award the winners in a way that will help facilitate their next project, and combat the expectation of unpaid work when you’re trying to get your foot in the door.

The festival runs from September 1st to 3rd at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, with a mix of shorts and features, all by very talented up-and-coming filmmakers. Tickets are £6 for each screening, and there will be a 4-hour workshop with Nicola Peluso, one of the brains behind wearefilmclub, for £15, that focuses on filmmaking on a microbudget.

There’s an option to leave constructive comments and compliments that will be delivered to each filmmaker, if the audience feels moved to write something. This stems from the idea that it can be arduous, with exhausting setbacks, when trying to get your work recognized in the beginning of your creative career, and a kind word, particularly from a stranger, can be immensely appreciated. I want to create a space that is approachable and easy-going, where young creatives can feel supported and share opportunities, and we can work towards changing attitudes around the acceptability of unpaid work.

The festival organiser is a recent graduate and started this project with £200 saved from bartending. It’s come along really well, and there is so much potential in it to grow, because the call for this kind of support from young creatives is loud.

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