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Chance is on every Tuesday evening on Universal Channel from 9pm, and is available on catch-up through BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk.

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To celebrate the UK premiere of brand new psychological thriller Chance, starring Hugh Laurie, filled with moral dilemmas and complicated relationships, Universal Channel hosted a UK-first: a dating event at the BT Tower where singletons were matched based on their moral choices

London 22nd June, 2017 – This week a new way to date launched in London – for one night only. To celebrate the UK premiere of Chance on June 20th, the new psychological thriller starring Hugh Laurie, Universal Channel hosted a UK-first dating event that evening where singletons were matched based on their morals in a Moral Match Date Night.

When it comes to dating, people are often matched on tried-and-tested criteria, such as mutual interests, age and occupation. In Chance, Hugh Laurie’s character Eldon Chance, plays the role of a neuro-psychiatrist who faces moral dilemmas on a daily basis as he dives deeper into a life of secrets, risky decision-making and complicated relationships. Therefore, this dating event in London took a unique approach to playing cupid… by matching keen daters according to their morals, via an online morality quiz.

The first-event of-its-kind in the UK, the quiz saw 450 people respond to a series of moral dilemmas including being asked how they would react if they found £100,000 in the street and what their instinct would be if they saw a stranger’s bag being snatched.  The answers were then analysed and singletons were paired with individuals who revealed a similar moral compass.

In a dating experience like no other, 20 matched pairs got to enjoy a unique blind-date with views from the 34th floor at the BT Tower in London, and hear from behavioural psychologist and dating expert Jo Hemmings.  Daters also got to watch the first episode of Chance ahead of the launch on Universal Channel that night at 9pm.


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The purpose of the unique experience was not to judge people on virtuous (or dubious) principles, but to explore how compatible two strangers could be if matched according to their sense of morality.

Behavioural psychologist and dating expert Jo Hemmings, said: “Your morals matter more than people might think when it comes to finding a well-suited love match, certainly over and above shared interests in life, like enjoying the same movies, food or music. If your fundamental values don’t match, then you may well be in for an uncomfortable relationship journey.  It is important to know from a potential partner that your moral compass is aligned when looking to find a soul mate.”

Once introduced to their blind dates, daters were given the chance to enjoy each other’s company confident in the knowledge that their moral compasses aligned which, according to Hemmings, would have a positive impact in the long-term.

Dater Krish Swarmi said of the experience: Tonight has been incredible. My date was awesome and the moral dilemma questions were a really good conversation starter for a first date. We were matched really well! I’ve never ventured into the arena of online dating because I think it’s too superficial, but it is the only option that’s out there on a mass scale. The idea of matching people based on their morals is taking it to a whole new level.”

Jack Ball, another dater, commented: “I think the whole idea of being matched on morals is a novel one at the very least, it hasn’t been done before. Having a blind date start with a conversation around morality helped with breaking the ice, and when coupled with the fantastic venue of the BT Tower, it all came together to form a lovely evening.”


The Moral Match Date Night, hosted on the 34th Floor of London’s BT Tower, was held to celebrate the UK premiere of Chance, a new psychological thriller starring Hugh Laurie that premiered on Universal Channel on the 20th June. In Chance, Hugh Laurie’s character Eldon Chance plays the role of a neuro-psychiatrist who faces moral dilemmas on a daily basis as he dives deeper into a life of secrets and risky decision-making.

Chance is on every Tuesday evening on Universal Channel from 9pm, and is available on catch-up through BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk.

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