Test Your Film Knowledge With MyFilmClub

Spider-Man; Homecoming

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MyFilmClub, the newest and best film app in the UK, available to download from the iTunes Store and Google Play for FREE now, has pulled together a testing quiz about the forthcoming film releases of 2017 including factiods from the likes of Valerian, Justice League, Spiderman: Homecoming, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Star Wars: The Last Jedi which can be played below:

Check it out below!

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MyFilmClub is the ultimate film app. It brings together finding films near you now, booking tickets, ordering VOD and Blu-ray/DVDs, along with the freedom to chat with friends in app, create film clubs, arrange meet-ups, get the latest news, enter competitions and more. Making the big screen properly accessible from your small screen for the first time.

Available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android now, MyFilmClub® makes the act of finding, seeing and sharing films easier, more sociable and more fun.

The first rule of MyFilmClub®? You DO talk about MyFilmClub®.

MyFilmClub app

NB – The app includes cinema showtime information for all of the UK cinemas (we know of)! So the Odeon, Vue, etc etc are covered in Bradford for example.

Recently MyFilmClub provided an advertising package within the app which helped generate £130,000 for it’s chosen partner charity, The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund.

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