Top 10 Comedy Stars In Doctor Who

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4. Lee Evans – Planet Of The Dead

Lee Evans cranked up the comedy factor to eleven in this special episode, part of a short run to bridge the transition between David Tennant and Matt Smith. Using the striking image of a London double decker bus marooned on a desert planet as a focal point, the adventure partnered the Tenth Doctor with aristocratic criminal Lady Christina De Souza (Michelle Ryan). Together they prevented an invasion by flying robot stingrays.

Aiding the pair was scientist and Doctor-obsessive Malcolm Taylor, a character Evans imbued with his own particular brand of rubber-faced energy. Bearing in mind his star status it’s a shame he didn’t have a bigger role, but it was good to see him nonetheless. Taylor arguably served as forerunner to Ingrid Oliver’s Osgood, who shares some of his fannish traits, if not his gurning expressions and flailing limbs.

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