Top 10 Comedy Stars In Doctor Who

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3. James Corden – The Lodger/Closing Time

Getting a bigger bite of the Doctor Who cherry than Evans was James Corden, who played Craig Owens, a character not far removed from the actor’s own persona. He first encountered the title Time Lord (Matt Smith) in 2010’s The Lodger, when the Doctor posed as his housemate in order to investigate strange goings-on which were interfering with the TARDIS. This unlikely team foiled the plans of a devious hologram living in the upstairs flat.

Owens proved so popular he was brought back the following year in Closing Time. The mundane and fantastic were combined again as the Cybermen infiltrated a shopping centre. They didn’t count on Craig’s passion as a new father, enabling him to defeat their attempt to convert him into a Cyber warrior. Conquering the galaxy is all well and good but changing nappies and getting up four hundred times a night has to take precedence! An unconventional way to get one over on the silver nemesis, yet it worked.

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