The 20 Best Movies For Back To School

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Karate Kid

The 20 Best Movies For Back To SchoolBullies were a problem in 1984 when The Karate Kid came out, and they still are today, making this movie incredibly relevant for lots of students returning to school. As Daniel LaRusso starts at a new school, he finds himself a bully, the star student of the Cobra Kai dojo, and is beaten by him until his apartment handyman, Mr. Miyagi, intervenes and defeats not only his bully, but four of his friends with ease. Although initially, Mr. Miyagi denies Daniel’s request to train under him, he agrees to help when the bully’s dojo challenges Daniel to a match at a karate tournament. During their training, they grow into a surrogate father-son relationship, and Daniel learns several life lessons. Daniel ultimately beats his bully, making this not only a feel good movie, but a great lesson in perseverance over personal obstacles and bullies at school.
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