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A Cuban-American obsessed with documentaries and anything by Kubrick, Haneke, Breillat, or McQueen. If he is not watching films in his hometown of Miami, he is likely travelling somewhere in Asia enjoying okonomiyaki or pho.

The Day I Found A Girl In The Trash

Director Michal Krzywicki’s dystopian sci-fi film The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash places us in Poland in 2026.  We are told

The Novice: Review

When I was in grammar school one of the metrics by which teachers assessed students’ performance was something labelled “self-directedness.”  Given that I went

She Had A Dream: Review

Ghofrane Binous is a twenty-five-year-old caught up in the political uncertainty of a Post-Arab Spring Tunisia.  Director Raja Amari’s documentary, She Had a Dream,

Beans: Review

Director Tracey Deer’s coming-of-age drama, Beans, tells the story of a young girl that goes by the nickname Beans (Kiawentiio).  Her and her family


The Cypriot film, Pause, opens with a shot of a woman sitting in a gynecologist’s waiting room.  Elpida’s (Stella Fyrogeni) face appears exhausted.  She