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A Cuban-American obsessed with documentaries and anything by Kubrick, Haneke, Breillat, or McQueen. If he is not watching films in his hometown of Miami, he is likely travelling somewhere in Asia enjoying okonomiyaki or pho.

The Tale Of King Crab: Review

As a film reviewer, aesthetic rapture rarely overtakes me.  When it does, it is usually because a filmmaker has birthed an artwork wherein everything

Moon, 66 Questions: Review

You know that feeling when responsibilities and expectations press down on you, not allowing you room to breathe, task building upon additional task, each

Petite Maman

The spectral is everywhere in Céline Sciamma’s Petite Maman. Sciamma (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) places death front and center in the opening

2nd Chance: Review

I came to know director Ramin Bahrani by his early dramas—Man Push Cart, Chop Shop, and Goodbye Solo.  Those films had immigrant characters trying

Straighten Up And Fly Right:

“Hello world, how do you plan on fucking with me today?” With that line, delivered within the opening ten minutes of Straighten Up and Fly Right,