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A Cuban-American obsessed with documentaries and anything by Kubrick, Haneke, Breillat, or McQueen. If he is not watching films in his hometown of Miami, he is likely travelling somewhere in Asia enjoying okonomiyaki or pho.

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché - Review

Identity is a complex matter.  We carry multiple identities externally and internally.  Celeste Bell and Paul Sng co-direct the documentary Poly Styrene:  I am

Can't Get You Out Of My Head: The BRWC Review

Can't Get You Out Of My Head: The BRWC Review. By Ray Lobo. Adam Curtis has made a career out of making documentaries that

A Thousand Cuts: Review

A Thousand Cuts: Review. Journalist Maria Ressa’s perilous mission to report on the current state of the Philippines. By Ray Lobo. The Philippines

This Is Not A Movie: Review

This Is Not A Movie: Review. A retrospective on the life and career of journalist extraordinaire Robert Fisk. By Ray Lobo. Early in

Once Upon A Time In Iraq

Once Upon A Time In Iraq: Review. By Ray Lobo. Does Iraq occupy any mental space in the American mind anymore? Covid, Trump’s antics,