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A Cuban-American obsessed with documentaries and anything by Kubrick, Haneke, Breillat, or McQueen. If he is not watching films in his hometown of Miami, he is likely travelling somewhere in Asia enjoying okonomiyaki or pho.

Decision To Leave: The BRWC Review

Director Park Chan-wook captured the world’s attention with 2016’s The Handmaiden.  The film’s mix of eroticism and intrigue won him much praise from critics. 

Dogwatch: Raindance 22 Review

Dogwatch: Raindance 22 Review Remember when Somali Pirates were the cause of all kinds of breathless media coverage?  Movies starring Tom Hanks were even made

Razzennest: Review

Having recently watched director Johannes Grenzfurthner’s outstanding depiction of lonely frenzy, Masking Threshold, I was quite looking forward to Razzennest.  Masking Threshold’s brilliance lies

The Cordillera Of Dreams: Review

Director Patricio Guzmán has dedicated his life as a filmmaker to chronicling Chilean history.  Documentaries such as The Battle of Chile, Salvador Allende, and

Moshari: Review

Moshari is an intriguing Bangladeshi short that draws you into its dark narrative in its opening shots.  Director Nuhash Humayun sets the mood with