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Megan’s taste in films are interesting: her favourite films are ‘Space Jam’, Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Cat Returns’, as well as horror films ‘Saw’, ‘Drag Me To Hell’ and ‘Ju-On: The Grudge’. When she’s not watching films, she’ll be spending precious hours playing ‘Crash Bandicoot’.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise: Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk: Disney’s Jungle Cruise. By Megan Williams. After the success of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more

Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey: Trailer Talk. By Megan Williams. After ‘Joker’, apparently DC Films thought the next clear step to take in their filmography was

War Of The Worlds

Trailer Talk: War of the Worlds (BBC Series). By Megan Williams. No one would’ve believed in 2019, the BBC would release an on-screen adaptation

Frozen 2

Trailer Talk: Frozen 2. By Megan Williams. Like a lot of people, Disney’s 2013 hit ‘Frozen’ caught my attention, and it quickly became one

Wrinkles The Clown

Trailer Talk: Wrinkles The Clown. By Megan Williams It seems that, since ‘IT: Chapter Two’ has just been released, the end of 2019 is