Trailer Talk: Guns Akimbo

Trailer Talk: Guns Akimbo

Trailer Talk: Guns Akimbo

‘Guns Akimbo’ stars Daniel Radcliffe (‘Harry Potter’ franchise) and Samara Weaving (‘Ready or Not’). After being ambushed by a group of thugs, Miles (played by Radcliffe) wakes up to find that guns have been bolted to his hands, and that he is unwillingly taking part in a life-or-death game that is broadcast to millions online.

This film looks like a mixture of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’ and 2018’s ‘Upgrade’ and I am completely ok with that! I’m happy to see the return of Daniel Radcliffe and very interested to see how he’d do in a film as weird as this. It’s a role that’s completely unexpected from him. Samara Weaving is also fantastic, and I hope the film gives her a good portion of screen time. After playing the lead in last year’s horror ‘Ready or Not’, I want to see more of Samara Weaving’s acting.

The film industry needs to take more of a gamble and release wacky films like this, instead of constantly churning out sequels and remakes. While I can see similarities to other films, this is a completely unique idea and one I look forward to seeing.

‘Guns Akimbo’ will be in cinemas 28th February 2020

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