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An Australian who has spent most of her adult life in Paris, Louise is a sometime photographer, documentary-maker, writer, researcher, day-dreamer and interviewer, who prefers to start the day at the local cinema’s 9am session.

Woman In Stall: Final Girls Berlin Review

Man: Jesus! I was just talking to you! Woman: I didn't ask you to talk to me! In a sharp black-tiled corporate bathroom, a young woman

A Dog Called Money: Blu-ray Review

A DOG CALLED MONEY (95mins, 2019) Musician PJ Harvey strolls around cold Kabul, searching through the bomb-shocked and abandoned houses, trying to decipher who lived

The Amazing Johnathan

THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN (Dir. Ben Burman, 2019, 90 mins) Slicing open his arm, piercing his tongue, and deconstructing magic in his own way, that was Amazing

Smile: Review

SMILE (Australia, 2018, 9 mins) Having a portrait taken feels like a thing of the past. Going off to a studio with your family or

Love In The Sixth

Writer/director/actor Jude Klassen’s first feature film Love in The Sixth begins with a compelling opening scene. Interviewed with her boyfriend, a woman states she is “still waiting