Louise McLeod Tabouis
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An Australian who has spent most of her adult life in Paris, Louise is a sometime photographer, documentary-maker, writer, researcher, day-dreamer and interviewer, who prefers to start the day at the local cinema’s 9am session.

Love In The Sixth

Writer/director/actor Jude Klassen’s first feature film Love in The Sixth begins with a compelling opening scene. Interviewed with her boyfriend, a woman states she is “still waiting

Lefty/Righty: Review

Lefty/Righty (2018, 11 mins) Righty, Ruby & Robbie have a tense relationship, expressed through a few strained words.  In the middle is small Lefty. With

Prayers To The Gods Of Guerrilla Filmmaking: Review

Prayers To The Gods Of Guerrilla Filmmaking: Review If you have already seen films which appear to be documentaries or mockumentaries, but are in fact

The House By The Sea

Under a bright winter sun an elderly man mutters the words tant pis (too bad) as he looks over the stunning bay. Appearing to

Review: President Evil

Days before the November mid-term election, three young women who identify as Muslim, Mexican and Haitian are stalked by a deranged person.  Erratically driving