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An Australian who has spent most of her adult life in Paris, Louise is a sometime photographer, documentary-maker, writer, researcher, day-dreamer and interviewer, who prefers to start the day at the local cinema’s 9am session.

Beloved: Review

I'll begin with a confession. I like silence - in films, conversations, life. Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Drive My Car (2021) was my last silence-laden pleasure.

klutz: Review

By day first-time novelist Zowie (Malka Wallick) tramps from agent to editor, trying to have the children's book published, replacing the novel she was

Dating & New York: Review

Dating & New York: Review In his first feature film, writer, director, producer Jonah Feingold has managed to create a stylish, hilarious and tender world

Diana's Wedding: Review

DIANA'S WEDDING (Dianas Bryllup) Norway, 2020, 87 mins) Marriages are secret gardens, jungles, and sometimes prisons full of disdain and despair.  Or occasionally a mixture


Alice (Emilie Piponnier) finds herself in a nasty situation. Her husband has disappeared - the theatrical and charming François (Martin Swabey), a story-teller amidst