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Joel found out that he had a talent for absorbing film trivia at a young age. Ever since then he has probably watched more films than the average human being, not because he has no filter but because it’s one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experiences that a person can have. He also has a weak spot for bad sci-fi/horror movies because he is a huge geek and doesn’t care who knows it.

Silent As The Grave: Review

It’s 1960, it’s Christmas time and everyone’s getting ready to spend some quality time with their families. Edgar Nowak is no different, a young

Project Z: Review

Julie (Ellie Harboe) is directing her first movie and it feels like a big deal, especially as they have such a big name as

Token Taverns: Review

Arcade games were introduced in the early Eighties and were a big hit. It was a place where kids could hang out together relatively

The Loch Ness Horror: Review

The search for the Loch Ness Monster has been a long and arduous one. A search which has brought up as many naysayers as

Fck'n Nuts

Sandy (Maddie Nichols) is living the dream life that any young woman would want to live. She lives in a perfect house with her