Joel Fisher 324POSTS

Joel found out that he had a talent for absorbing film trivia at a young age. Ever since then he has probably watched more films than the average human being, not because he has no filter but because it’s one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experiences that a person can have. He also has a weak spot for bad sci-fi/horror movies because he is a huge geek and doesn’t care who knows it.

Hudson: Review

Hudson (David Neal Levin) is a shy, reclusive man who writes haikus to pass the time and desperately misses his mother. She passed away

Apartment 413

Marco (Nicholas Saenz) and his girlfriend, Dana (Brea Grant) are expecting a baby. However, there’s pressure mounting on Marco because he’s unemployed and the

John Bronco Rides Again

Daniel Stacks (Tim Baltz) is a Ford enthusiast and historian who runs his own YouTube channel dedicated to the topic he loves. He loves

Mosquito State

Richard Boca (Beau Knapp) is a Wall Street analyst. He can’t help but see patterns in everything and he knows something catastrophic is on

The Shattering

Claire (Murisa Harba) and her husband, Eric (Timothy Ryan Cole) are going through a difficult period in their lives. Claire has lost a baby