Joel Fisher
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Joel found out that he had a talent for absorbing film trivia at a young age. Ever since then he has probably watched more films than the average human being, not because he has no filter but because it’s one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experiences that a person can have. He also has a weak spot for bad sci-fi/horror movies because he is a huge geek and doesn’t care who knows it.

Miriam (Madeleine Sims-Fewer) is visiting her sister, Greta (Anna Maguire) and her brother-in-law Dylan (Jesse LaVercombe). It’s been a while since the sisters saw

When Claude Got Shot

Claude Motley was studying at law school and was weeks away from his bar exam when he was carjacked. Claude knew the risks, but

The Tangle

Laurel (Jessica Graham) and Edward (Christopher Soren Kelly) are a married couple living in a world run by an artificial intelligence known as The

Spring Valley

Spring Valley is a documentary about the ethics of using SRO’s (School Resource Officers) in American schools, particularly focussing on one incident in Spring

Women Is Losers: SXSW Review

Women Is Losers: SXSW Review - Celina (Lorenza Izzo) is a schoolgirl living in a Hispanic community in the Sixties. She’s like every other