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Joel found out that he had a talent for absorbing film trivia at a young age. Ever since then he has probably watched more films than the average human being, not because he has no filter but because it’s one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching experiences that a person can have. He also has a weak spot for bad sci-fi/horror movies because he is a huge geek and doesn’t care who knows it.

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis - Review

A group of people all with their own mental health issues come to The Vance Institute in order to be rid of their problems

#ChadGetsTheAxe may feel like a generic slasher on the surface, but the more savvy members of the audience will get something more thought provoking than they’d first considered.

Chad (Spencer Harrison Levin) has a big following on social media and his pranks are legendary. He gets hundreds of thousands of views on

Haunting Of The Queen Mary: Review

The year is 1938 and the Ratch family are trying to have a better time aboard the Queen Mary than society allows. Posing as

The Engine Inside: Review

Bicycles have been around far longer than a lot of the inventions we take for granted like the car and the telephone. Whereas cars

Piglady: Review

After a long year, two couples decide that they need to reward themselves with a trip away over the festive season. Brittany (Alicia Karami)