Grace Williams
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Filmmaker Grace was born and raised just outside of Oxford in a small town called Woodstock by her single-mother. She spent much of her childhood entertaining herself by singing, playing music and acting out plays and film scenes in her loft and garage.

The Chambermaid: Review

You’ll struggle to find a feature debut that pucks a punch quite as hard as Lila Avilés' The Chambermaid this year. The film is

The Texture Of Falling

The Texture Of Falling is a muddle of a film who’s big reveal is rather underwhelming.  The plot, loosely, is about a female filmmaker named Louise

Once Upon A Time In The West: Shooting A Masterpiece By Sir Christopher Frayling

It’s taken me a long to write this review and, to be honest, I feel that this book has so much to digest I

Friends, Foes And Fireworks: Review

I've never watched an hour long special of “Neighbours”, but I can imagine what one would be like now I’ve watched Friends, Foes and Fireworks.

Green Book

I am usually quite dubious of biopics. Nothing makes me angry more than something ‘based on a true story’ and then when you read